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RISK DVD is a compilation of video shorts by Mexican and U.S. artists who participated in the book project RISK/RIESGO (Vol. 2, No. 3.) The works relate to the theme of risk – embodying a transgression, a gamble, a danger, a possibility.

Curated by: Kathy High

Edition of 1000 DVDs

Running Time: 117 min

Price: $15.00 / $39.95 with book

ISBN: 1-57027-162-3

Vol. 2, #2: Voyeurism (printed in 2000)

Editors, Kathy High with Maria Venuto, Lisa Steele, Kim Tomczak, and Nayan Shaw

Looks at our obsession with looking.

Cover Price: $15.00


Articles by (in order of appearance):

Kathy High
Kathy High & Maria Venuto

Heroes (A):
DeeDeeHalleck & Shirley Clark

Tran, T. Kim-Trang
Michel Auder & Stephen Vitiello
Igor Vamos
Kristin Lucas
Michael Eng & Paul Venet
Maria Venuto

Consuming Culture:
Sue de Beer
Heather Hendershot/Paper Tiger Television
Melinda Stone
Judith Barry
Paul Pfeiffer
Mako Idemitsu

Randi Cecchine
Annie Sprinkle & Mae Tyme
Shu Lea Cheang
Steve Reinke
Allan deSouzaSteele + Tomczak

Kerri Sakamoto
Mike Hoolboom
Nayan Shah
Tom Sherman
Paul Wong
Jolene Rickard

Jem Cohen & Neil Goldberg
Lisa Steele
Reginald Cortez Woolery
Cecilia Dougherty & Leah Gilliam & Elisabeth Subrin
Elisabeth Subrin & Leah Gilliam
Laurie Weeks

Encoded Body/Data Transfer:
Jane Prophet
Julia Meltzer & Lesley Wahl
Nell Tenhaaf & Ana Voog
Dara Gellman & Leslie Peters
Alex Rivera
Lynn Hershman

Heroes (B):
Tara Mateik/Excerpts from the D.I.Y. Distro Resource Guide

Artist Pages by:
Peggy Ahwesh
Roberto Attanasio
Diane Bonder
Cathy Cook
Colin Cunningham
Christa Erickson
Brandon Geist
John Greyson
Kathy High
Melanie Printup Hope
David Kalal
Ken Kobland
Jesse Lerner
Les LeVeque
Jason Livingston
Joan Logue
Zachery Longboy
Jen Maus
Anne McGuire
Christian Murray
Diane Nerwen
Ellen Pau
Walid Raad
David Rokeby
Michael Smith
Shelly Silver
Miro Stefanovic
Rea Tajiri
Wayne Yung

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