Call (212) 206-7858 for more information

Call (212) 206-7858 for more information

Video Preservation

Standby has assisted artists and organizations in the creation and preservation of media art since our founding in 1983. Standby is especially sensitive to and aware of the unique qualities of artistic, social issue and experimental work, and we recognize the critical importance of preserving it. Standby provides collection evaluation, cleaning, migration, digitization, and restoration of a wide variety of videotape formats including: 1/2″ open reel (EIAJ and non-EIAJ), 1″ SMPTE C, 1″ IVC, D2, 3/4″ U-matic, 1/2″ VHS and S-VHS, Hi8, 8mm, Betamax, Beta SP, and Digital Betacam.

All transfers include cleaning, full monitoring and a tape condition report. Metadata collection is also available, depending on your needs and can be provided in a format that conforms to an existing database.

Audio Preservation

Standby’s audio preservation and restoration services are specialized to meet the needs of artists and non-profit organizations. Whether it is one tape or a large archive we preserve musical performances, poetry archives, oral histories, and audio art.

Among the formats we have available: Cassette, mini cassette, 1/4″ audiotape (2 and 4 track).

Post Production

Standby is an innovative non-profit organization that provides artists and independent makers access to state-of-the-art media services at affordable rates through our partnerships with commercial studios. Our services include: Editing, Color Correction, Audio Post-Production, Digital Cinema Packages, DVD Authoring, Film Transfers & Processing.

Data Migration

Our newest set of preservation services is data migration for art projects on antiquated digital formats including laser disc, floppy disc, jazz drive, and just about any format that is been used in the creation of media art since the dawn of the medium.


We provide consultation and site visits for artists and organizations to evaluate collections and make a plan of action to preserve them.

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