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RISK DVD is a compilation of video shorts by Mexican and U.S. artists who participated in the book project RISK/RIESGO (Vol. 2, No. 3.) The works relate to the theme of risk – embodying a transgression, a gamble, a danger, a possibility.

Curated by: Kathy High

Edition of 1000 DVDs

Running Time: 117 min

Price: $15.00 / $39.95 with book

ISBN: 1-57027-162-3


Editors: Kathy High ( U.S.)
with guest editors Ximena Cuevas (Mexico), Roberto Lopez (Mexico), Ricardo Nicolayevsky (Mexico) and Jesse Lerner (U.S.)

RISK/RIESGO is an exchange between U.S. and Mexican media artists in the form of writings and graphic works. As the first bilingual (Spanish/English) issue of FELIX, RISK/RIESGO explores the political, the transgressive, the risk of making works described by artists living in Mexico and the US.

Cover Price: $29.95

Table of Contents:

Kathy High – Anxiety of the Analog

Chapter 1: Public Space/Public Interference
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer interview by Príamo Lozada
!Kung Lab
Simin Farkhondeh – Graffitt:Writings on the Wall
Art Jones – Almost an Art Form: The Fine Art of VJ-ing
Lorena Wolffer
Rubén Ortiz-Torres & Jesse Lerner – The Case of Hugo Sanchez and the Severed Cows Head
Liz Miller
Chip Lord & Gustavo Vazquez
Minerva Cuevas & Nikolai Jeffs – Astronauts of Inner Space
Fernando Llanos
Shelly Silver – Risk and Suicide (a love story) or What’s In It for Me?
Paulina del Paso

Chapter 2: Spin Cycle/Media Jamming
Roberto López
Miguel Calderón interviewed by Kathy High – The Disciple of Speed
Arcángel Constantini
Ricardo Dominguez – Risk: A Chronology
RTMark – E2K: A Travelogue
Animal Charm
Kathy High & Ximena Cuevas
Nao Bustamante interview by José Muñoz
Adrián García
Gustavo Artigas interview by Bill Kelley
Alex Rivera – Mi Familia
Miranda July – Ask Me
Miguel Monroy
Vicente Razo
Branda Miller

Chapter 3: Inscribing the Body
Lourdes Portillo
A. Salomón
Lourdes Portillo interview by Maria-Christina Villaseñor
Teresa Margolles
Teresa Margolles interview by Kathy High & Ricardo Nicolayevsky – Working with Death
Fabiola Torres
Carl Pope interview by Christa Erikson – Palimpest
Richard Moszka & Greg Samsa
Santiago Sierra – Observations
Jimena Mendoza
Matt Wolf – Queer Youth Objects
Claudia Prado
Ursula Biemann – The Clash of Sexuality and Technology on the Border
Silvia Gruner

Chapter 4: Erosion/Rewriting History
Paul Chan – The Rewriting of the Disaster: Thoughts on Independent Media, New Media & the Work of Mourning
Jesse Lerner – The American Egypt
Big Noise – A Storm from the Mountain
Roberto López
Louis Hock – Poinsetta
Rafael Tonatiuh – The Tower: The 16th Greater Arcanum of the Tarot
Ivan Edeza
Cuauhtémoc Medina – Turbulences: On Cruzob by Mariana Botey
Mariana Botey – Cruzob
Marco Granados – Risk Is Not the Same As Marketing
Dante Hernández – Pola Weiss: Video Art Pioneer
Adriene Jenik
Barbara Hammer – Resisting Paradise

Chapter 5: Further Disturbances
Nathan Gibbs
Carlos Martínez Suárez – Sacred Land In The Conflict Zone
Ricardo Nicolayevsky interview by Rita González
Alberto Roblest – Sign, Doubt, Word
Roberto López
Abigail Child interview by Ricardo Nicolayevsky
Carolina Esparragoza
Roberto López
Fabian Castro
Miranda July interview by Ximena Cuevas
Andrés Villalobos
Ho Tam
Julia Barco

Flip Book by Héctor Pancheco

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