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RISK DVD is a compilation of video shorts by Mexican and U.S. artists who participated in the book project RISK/RIESGO (Vol. 2, No. 3.) The works relate to the theme of risk – embodying a transgression, a gamble, a danger, a possibility.

Curated by: Kathy High

Edition of 1000 DVDs

Running Time: 117 min

Price: $15.00 / $39.95 with book

ISBN: 1-57027-162-3

Vol. 1, No. 3: PostLiterate (printed in 1993)

Editors, Kathy High with Marshall Reese

Examines the development of new technologies and their impact on our relationship to the written word.

Cover Price: $5.00

Articles by (in order of appearance):

Editors’ Intro:
Kathy High
Marshall Reese

The Future Can Be Stimulated:
Brenda Laurel
Gary Frost
Patricia Ann Carlson & George Gonzalez
Charles Bernstein

Transgressive Media:
Wooster Group/Elizabeth LeCompte
Robert Ashley
John Jesurun

Exchange – The Nature of Narrative:
Ardele Lister & Pat McCloy
Sian Evans
Don Trammel
Janice Tanaka
Ed Bowes & Ed Friedman

Diane Ward on Woody Vasilka
Anne Tardos & Jackson Mac Low on Charles Atlas
Allan Davies on MICA TV
Jason Weiss on Shelly Silver
Jack Ben-Levi on Testing the Limits
J.N. Catanach on David Blair
Sarah Shulman on Ellen Spiro
Allan Davies on Steina
Tereses Svoboda on Joan Jonas
Johanna Drucker on Maria Beatty & Annie Sprinkle

Artist Pages by:
Nora Ligorano
Donald West
Remo Balcells
Caterina Borelli
Anne Bray & Molly Cleator
Carole Ann Klonarides & Stuart Bender & Angelo Funicelli
Edin Velez
Salomé España
Mechthild Schmidt
Shalom Gorewitz
Bruce & Norman Yonomoto
Patti Podesta
John Lindell
Anne Tardos & Jackson Mac Low
Sandra Kogut
Ernie Gusella
Peter Callas
Johan Grimonprez

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