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RISK DVD is a compilation of video shorts by Mexican and U.S. artists who participated in the book project RISK/RIESGO (Vol. 2, No. 3.) The works relate to the theme of risk – embodying a transgression, a gamble, a danger, a possibility.

Curated by: Kathy High

Edition of 1000 DVDs

Running Time: 117 min

Price: $15.00 / $39.95 with book

ISBN: 1-57027-162-3

Double issue of FELIX, Vol. 2, No. 1: Landscape(s) (printed in 1995)

Editors, Kathy High with Liss Platt

Dedicated to exploring issues of landscape and place, boundaries and territories, sites and mapping.

Cover Price: $12.00

Articles by (in order of appearance):

Kathy High & Liss Platt & Richard Prelinger & Jason Livingston

Re-Marking Territories:
Richard Fung & Shani Mootoo
Sara Diamond & Laura Marks
Raul Ferrera-Balanquet
Yau Ching
Sandi Dubowski & Mindy Faber

Sight Specific:
Bob & Don Kinney
Sally Berger on Norman Cohen & Zacherias Kunuk
Molly Hankowitz & Jayce Salloum
Jesse Drew

Common Ground:
Michelle Valladares
Merata Mita
Alberto Muenela
Victor Masayesva, Jr .
Kaucyila Brooke & Jane Cottis
Chris Ortiz
Frances Salomé España
Harry Gamboa. Jr.

Jocelyn Taylor
Ayanna Undongo
Kelly Coyne & Penine Hart
Kelly Coyne on Orlan
Susan Stryker & Kathy High

Electronic Landslide:
Keller Easterling
Pam Jennings & Toni Dove
Florence Ormezzano
Muntadas with Paul Brenner & Elisabeth Subrin & Judith Russi Kirshner with Randolph Street Gallery

Jason Weiss on Ligorano/Reese

Artist Pages by: Antunez
Burt Barr
Bob Beck
Diane Bertolo
Buck Burns
Seoungho Cho
Cynthia Chris & Suzie Silver
Juan Downey
Nora Fisch
Shari Frilot
Dale Hoyt & Jason Biren
Adrienne Jenik
Pam Jennings
Mona Jimenez
Mary Lucier
Ming-Yuen S. Ma
Museum of Jurassic Technology
Maya Nadkarni
Meena Nanji
Michael O’Reilly
Nam June Paik
Jong-Won Park & Doe-Woo Park
Jayce Salloum
Joyan Saunders
Julia Scher
Nina Sobell & Emily Hartzel
Margie Strosser
Erika Suderburg
Maria Venuto

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