Video StillExperimental Television Center Tribute Screening

On Friday, July 15th 2011 the Standby Program partnered with Anthology Film Archives to present an Tribute Screening & reception in honor of ETC  & Sherry Hocking

This evening's program consisted of works selected from the Experimental Television Center DVD Compilation, 1970 - 2007.  Works that has been preserved through Standby's Magnetic Media Preservation Program, 
or created by alumni of Standby & ETC

The Experimental Television Center is a unique video art production studio in Owego, NY. Since it's founding by Ralph Hocking in 1971, ETC has been providing artists with access to the tools of video art production through residencies and grants. The studio includes several one of a kind pieces of video processing equipment including a custom-built Dave Jones Colorizer and 8 Channel Video Sequencer, the Paik/Abe Raster Synthesizer or 'Wobbulator' and a custom Dan Sandin Image Processor, among others.

As part of The Standby Program's public screening series we have selected a program of videos that were preserved through Standby's Video Preservation Program, as well as the work of several artists who are alumni of both ETC and Standby. Works were selected from The Experimental Television Center DVD compilation, which can be purchased through Electronic Arts Intermix for individual and institutional use.

Funded in part by The Experimental Television Center's Presentation Funds program, which is supported by the New York State Council on the Arts.

We Can't Go Home Again, Nicholas Ray, 1970-72, 4:00 min. (excerpt)

Earth Pulse, Gary Hill, 1975, 5:35

etc, etc, Caspar Stracke, 2005, 6:08

Lake Affect, Jason Livingston, 2007, 1:13

Delta Visions, Shalom Gorewitz, 1980, 5:02
Bug-Eyed Ramrod, Matt Schlanger, 1984, 5:48

Transmigration, Julie Harrison & Carol Parkinson, 1987-89, 10:15 (excerpt)
Gender Rolls, Connie Coleman & Alan Powell, 1987, 3:21

Godzilla Hey!, Megan Roberts & Raymond Ghirardo, 1988, 2:20
Dirt Site, Alex Hahn, 1990, 15:53

Wax or the discovery of television among the bees, David Blair, 1991, 13:33 (excerpt)
Red M&Ms, Bianca Bob Miller, 1988, 3:51

XY Chromosome, Lynne Sachs & Mark Street, 2007, 12:00