On Friday, January 7th, 2011, The Standby Program partnered with Anthology Film Archives to Present: Visual Poetry.

The Standby Program Presents: Visual Poetry

All things come to life when captured on film and video, but this work demonstrates a hyper-life, meticulously created through the art of animation and archival footage manipulation. Each filmmaker integrates the exploration of word, image and experience, taking us on a visual journey, sometimes frightening, sometimes ethereal, but all very personal.

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Left to Right: "There Was A Little Girl" by Ruth Peyser, "Titan" by Klaus Lutz *Courtesy of The Estate of Klaus Lutz/Rotwand Gallery Zurich/Kinemathek Le Bon Film Basel. "Make Them Jump" by Kelly Spivey, and "IMMORTAL CUPBOARD", a film by Cathy Cook Poetry by Lorine Niedecker


2009, 25 minutes, film & video
This film utilizes animation, manipulated found images and film footage to tell 6 stories from the filmmaker's life, from 1959 to 2009. Her colorful hand drawn images are a stark contrast to the harrowing tales from childhood to middle age.

Klaus Lutz, TITAN

2008, 11 minutes, 16mm, Silent
This beautiful and timeless odyssey of stop motion, time lapse and layering of images follows the Late Klaus Lutz on a dream-like journey as a astronaut, sailor and bird, without leaving his kitchen.
Courtesy of The Estate of Klaus Lutz/Rotwand Gallery Zurich/Kinemathek Le Bon Film Basel.
Estate contact info: verein@klaus-lutz.ch

Kelly Spivey, MAKE THEM JUMP

2010, 11 minutes, 16mm
Optically printed from found footage, this experimental film uses snippets from discarded educational films. Through time and image manipulation, we experience themes of control, powerlessness and isolation.

Cathy Cook, IMMORTAL CUPBOARD: In Search Of Lorine Niedecker

2009, 73 minutes, 16mm to Video
IMMORTAL CUPBOARD is an artistic film essay on Lorine Niedecker's life and poetry. Drawing on their shared Wisconsin heritage, filmmaker Cathy Cook combines original live-action footage,  archival images and Niedecker's only audio interview to unfurl the poet's psychological and physical landscape.

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