Virginia Quesada Flying Horses
Aysha Quinn Connecting the Dots 2009
Dr. Boni 2009
Give up the Night
Why Would I Throw Eggs at You Liz
Joanna Raczynska Fail Better 2009
Kate Rado Wedding 2009
Aviva Rahmani Requiem
Yvonne Rainer Priviledge
Tony Ramos Beijing
Nick Ramsdell Telecine
Aimee Rankin Michael Jackson Tape
Mark Rappaport Jean Seaburg
Exterior Night
Rock Hudson's Home Movies
Susan Rapps-O'dea Mural, Mural on the Wall
Jaime Rauchman Flowers for San Lazaro 2009
Lucy Raven Dirt and Not Copper 2009
Gail Rebhan Donna Allen 2010
Tom Recchion Preservation for Getty Museum Retrospective 2009
Ligorano Reese Ice Installation
Marshall Reese El Rocio
Talk Attacks
The Table Has Legs
Black Holes/Heavenly Bodies
Performance Excerpts
The Passion According To Sevilla
The Touch
Reel to Real
De Stijl
Dan Reeves Obsessive Becoming
Compilation Reel
Smothering Dreams
Sombra a Sombra
Mosaics for the Kali Yuga
Rachel Reichman Work
Another Rap
The Call of the Jitterbug
Heidi Reinberg Latebloomer 2009
Dempsey Rice Daughter of Suicide DVD 2010
Forget Me Nots 2010
Robert Richter Under the Gun
Zach Richter CERT
Barbara Rick Sounds Sacred
Marilyn Ries Untitled
Daniel Riesenfield Buwa
Earl Ripling Tain Ride
David Robbins Luggage X-Rays
Jan Robert-Breslin Hexa
Marcia Rock McSorley's New York
Felix Rodriguez La Bruja: A Witch from the Bronx
Tina Romero Rainbowarrior 2009
Ann Rose Lincense to Play
Martha Rosler Global Taste
A Simple Case for Torture
Vital Statistics
Semiotics of the Kitchen
Gaylen Ross Time for Art
A Gift of Time
The Street
After Solidarity
Philip Roth 25 Year Old Gay Man Loses Virginity to a Woman
Wendy Rowland On Her Baldness
Ry Russo-Young Orphans 2009
You Won't Miss Me 2009
Rebecca Ruthkoff Scap
Ted Ryan Telecine
Lynne Sachs 16mm Processing 2009
States of Unbelonging 2009
Investigation of a Flame
Joan Sacks Video Preservation 2010
Jackie Salloum Slingshot Hip Hop 2009
Jayce Salloum Muquaddimah Li-Nihahhy At Jidal
Martha Sandlin La Marketa
Catalina Santamaria Luminescence 2010
Jose Santamaria Dub
Elizabeth Santeix Amazon TV 2000-8
Ben Sarao The New Frontier Revisited
Mustafa Sararya Snake Pit 2009
Snake Hill 2009
Steve Savitz Rat Girl
Jonathan Schell What Shall I Cry
Julia Scher Ice Cold Woman
P.S. 1 Audio
Whiteny Bathrooms
Joel Schlemowitz Venus In Furs
Myrna Schloss Gypsy Souls of the City
Connection: An Ethiopian Tale
David Schmidlapp Big Time Operator
Casper Schmidt Proust: A Film
Mechthild Schmidt Gehschwindigkeit
Werner Schmiedel Women Rabbis 2009
hans Schmoller FFP 2009
Hansjoerg Schmoller Film Transfer 2009
Ira Schneider Copacabana
Linda Schrank The Four Corners 2009
Dan Schulman-Mears Crickets 2009
Buky Schwartz Video Constructions
Lynn Schultz Intimate Conversations
Stephanie Schumacher Harlem 16 2009
Eugene Schwartz Visits with Herb Turner
Rob Schweber White and Lazy
Andy Seaman Mom's Movies 2009
Vickie Seitchik Sokolow Choregraphs Weill
George Selinsky Dialog with an Officer 2009
Antonio Serra Pura Fe
Janay Shabaz Chase
Celia Shapiro Video Preservation 2012
Me and Erthal
Benny Powell
Kenneth Shapiro My Girlfriend's Boyfriend
Willoughby Sharpe Who Killed H.H.
Jacqueline Shearer We Can Win
Greg Shepard Desperate
Yu-Lun Shih Dance 2009
Barry Shils Doing Justice
Alex Sichel Amnesia 2011
Adi Sideman Chickenhawk
Amie Siegel Berlin Remake
Nandini Sikand Amazonia
Don't Fence Me In
Sunsan Silas Hembrecht's Walk
Josh Silfen 35MM Process & Prep
Jose Patriocino Silva Noites de Amor
Shelly Silver Archive Preservation 2011
What I'm Looking For 2009
Small Lies, Big Truth
37 Stories
Former East Former West
The Houses That Are Left
Things I Forget to Tell Myself
Are We All Here
Anthony Silvestrini Beyond the Far Blue Mountains
Abigail Simon Sticks and Bones Rattle in my Belly
Jonathan Sinaiko The Short End of the Stick
Robert Sink Untitled
Meritxell Sitja Metarelationships
Ronit Leora Small Scenes from the Wasteland
Chuck Smith Forrest Bess: Key to the Riddle
Henry Smith Cerberus
Kim Smith A Modest Success
Heartbeat: The Artists Behind the Work
Kiki Smith Untitled
Michael Smith Mike Builds a Shelter
Secret Horror
Go for it Mike
It Starts at Home
The World of Photography
Nina Sobell Transfer
Meema Spadola Red Hook Justice 2009
Luis Sparre Sweden/Mexico City 2009
Rico Speight Where Are They Now: The Sequel 2009
Alonzo R. Speight Defiant
Whose Gonna Take the Weight
Steven Spencer Film Transfer 2009
Film Process and Transfer 2009
Art Spiegelman Maus Video Preservation 2010
Kelly Spivey There Is From Nothing 2011
Bedded 2009
Make Them Jump 2009
The Subway Kaleidoscope 2009
Roger Springfield D2 Video Preservation 2009
Chris Steadman What Keeps
Rachel Stella Barbara Rose Archive 2009
Mark Street Trailer Trash 2010
Hidden in Plain Sight 2009
At Home and Asea
Elizabeth Subrin When the Fancy Takes Her
Veena Caberos Sud I Stopped Writing the Poem
Su Friedrich The Odds of Recovery 2009
From the Ground Up 2009
Seeing Red
Samantha Sutton Noise Creative 2009
Terese Svoboda ERA Poisons EPA