Ellen Caldwell Dubbing 2009
Peter Callas Compilation Reel 1988
Neo-Geo: An American Purchase 1988
Sophie Calle & Greg Shepard Double Blind 1993
Will Cameron Ira Cohen Project - Preservation 2011
Evan Camfield Lover 1999
Mary Ann Capehart Delectoscope
Robert Cardelli Fire Cop 1992
Gina Carducci & Barbara Hammer Generations 2010
Jean Carlomusto L is for the Way You Look 1991
David Cavallo Home Movies 2009
Randi Cecchine Trail of Feathers: the Missile Dick Chicks 2010
Joseph Celli Andes
Elizabeth Chae Heatstroke 1994
Shu Lea Cheang Fluttering Objects of Desire 1993
Color Schemes
Meryl Chernick My 911 2009
Nicholas Chesla & Cindi Creager Gay & Gray in NYC 2009
Carol Ciancutti-Leyva Absolutely Safe 2009
Tom Cioccio Film Transfer 2009
Carl Clay Justice is Done 1993
Chris Clements Free Floaters 1997
Adam Cohen Fire of Time 2009
Archival Dubs 2009
El Chino 1998
Blind Grace 1993
Itzik Cohen Film Transfer 2009
Jem Cohen Late City Final 2009
Exhibition Dubs 2009
Chain 2009
Archival Dubs 2009
Lost Book Found 1996
Drink Deep 1991
House Sleeps Fire 1991
Compilation Reel 1986
C-100 PSA
Miracle Legion
Just Hold Still
Maxi Cohen A Family Story 1985
2nd Grade Dreams
How Much is Really True
Joshua: What I think?
Maureen Connor Love at First Sight 1998
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Both Towers Have Fallen 2009
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Ass Dance 1999
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Brasov Philharmonic
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Nazareth in August 1986
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Ann Crenovich Las Mujeres del Mercado 1986