Beth B Breathe In/Breathe Out 2009
Ada Babino Middle Passage and Roots 1995
Burt Barr Intervista Tricia Brown
Adam's Hand
Jaime Barrios Neruda 1986
Judith Barry Border Stories 2009
Archival Dubs 2009
In the Shadow 1996
First and Third 1987
Echo 1986
Mirage 1986
Casual Shopper 1984
James Barth 1/2" Open Reel Video Performance Preservation 2009
Irit Batsry Animal (Loco)motion 1988
A Simple Case of Vision
Robert Beck Excerpts Reel/American Center Project
Vanessa Beecroft Naples 1998
Lyons 1998
Alfredo Bejar Imagining Mina 2010
Harawicuc 1994
Gretchen Bender America's Most Wanted Intro 1988
Freedom of Information 1988
Dumping Core 1985
Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane & Co.
Doron Benvenisti Grainy Blue
Cheryl Berkowitz Family 2009
Alan Berliner Translating Edwin Honig: A Poet's Alzheimer's 2010
Audio Preservation 2009
Insomnia 2009
Audio File Installation preservation 2009
Critical Mass 1996
Karen Bernstein & Ellen Spiro In Good Faith 2009
Filipe Bessa Morten Family Footage 2009
Dara Bimbaum Compilation: Damnation of Faust 1988
Archival Reel 1987
Damnation of Faust III 1987
Faust Installation 1985
China Song Installation
Canon Taking it the Streets
Vivien Bittencourt Get the Skunk! 1992
2 of K. Koch's Plays 1990
2 of K. Koch's Plays/Brazil 1989
Last Day 1988
Do the: A Song By the Throbbers 1983
Mexico City Blues
Hannuman Reading
Richard Bloes Blank Maps 1995
Dissolved Light 1987
Daily Numbers 1987
Skip Blumberg JGLNG/Whistling 1988
Elephant Games 1986
Interviews with Interviewers 1985
Flying Morning Glory 1985
Eskimo Olympics
Art on Parade
Contests USA
New Dance
Paul Bolles Day of Doom
Bill Bollinger Films of Hiram Blauvelt 2010
Diane Bonder If You Lived Here You'd be Home 2009
I Remember Now, We Never Danced, Goodbye
Greg Bordowitz Gay Men's Health Crisis
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Generazione Zero 1990
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Garrison Botts Diva Moments 2009
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Tom Bowes 21 1987
Ed Bowes Beyond the Sound of Music 1985
Jacques Boyreau Memory
Chas Brack Dreams Deferred: The Sakia Gunn Film Project 2009
Joan Braderman Joan Does Dynasty 1986
Natalie Didn't Drown: Joan Reads the Nat'l Enquirer
Nina & Massimilian Breeder Devil Come to Hell & Stay Where You Belong 2009
Lawerence Brose Crossing 2009
Ken Brown Chika Chika 2009
James Bryne Bodies of Water Remembered 1988
Noel Bryson Honors 2009
Steve Bull Archive Preservation 2011
Page Burkholder Like the River
Steve Bydal Bug Lady 2009